Condition Survey

The purpose of a condition survey is to ascertain the structural condition of the vessel. All systems, machinery, electrics will be examined. There will be no invasive stripping of the vessel unless specifically requested.

Damage Survey

These normally only cover areas which are damaged. A report will contain a description of the existing damage, and the estimated time and cost of the repair. The report will also contain the pre-incident condition and value of the vessel. This report is normally requested by the vessel’s insurers or by the assured as an independent surveyor.

Valuation Survey

These can be either as part of a condition survey or as a separate Valuation Survey.

Values are based on the current market place values ascertained at the time of survey

Partial Surveys

This survey requires detailed inspection of the part of the vessel concerned. This will probably require some dismantling and operating units. It is important to have clearly defined instructions as to the extent of the survey.

Insurance Survey

These are to support an insurance policy. The survey is almost the same as a Condition Survey but with more concentration on the safety aspect of the vessel, for example; fire fighting, skin fittings, fuel system, gas installation etc.


Also provided is a wide range of consultancy services. Please contact us and we will be be happy to discuss your specific needs and to tailor consultation to suit your requirements.

Moisture Testing

Moisture content in both GRP and wooden hulls and superstructures. This will show the level of moisture in the hull behind the Gelcoat indicating whether osmosis is present or likely to become a problem. to It is of utmost importance to monitor the moisture level in the drying out period during osmosis repair.

In wooden hulls it is utilized to find rotten areas of timber.  In new build it is used to control whether timber has been cured and matured enough to be used in construction.

Survey of Repairs

Small & Extensive repair programs can benefit in cost, quality, materials and time thru professional supervision of all stages of the repair to insure:-

Correct and complete preparation

Sourcing of materials

Correct use of materials

Experience of management and workers

Accounting & Reports

Keel Bolts & Chain Plates

The condition of keel bolts and chain plates can be of concern on older yachts.  If either of these are considered suspect remove of of units chosen at random is recommended to allow full inspection.

Ultrasonic Surveys

We can carry out thickness testing in Steel, Aluminium and GRP hulls.