A comprehensive information and photographic Portfolio

to be used as a Sales Aid is recommended to provide full information to a prospective purchaser.


This Portfolio would be prepared by a Marine Surveyor and would included a visual inspection of the vessel and a verbal report to the owner.

 While this would not involve the comprehensive inspection of a full survey, however recommendations would be given to assist the owner in selling the vessel.

 The cost for preparing such a Portfolio would be 5GBP per square meter of the vessel

 We use the square meter rate as this automatically accounts for the vessels volume and therefore provides a truer measure of the work involved.

Direct contact and discussions with the owner of the vessel is preferable as this allows the formation of a more complete portfolio.

Further services to your clients that we are able to provide are:

1)Primary Survey:-    

Short visual in the water inspection (with written report) to ascertain if the vessel is suitable in design and condition and will meet the requirements of the prospective purchaser.         


2)Full Condition Survey:-     

Provides full protection to your client.


Is the asking price fair and reasonable into-days market place.


Consultation direct with the prospective purchaser to answer all and a  questions they may  have that are of a technical nature


5)Sea Trails:-                        

An operational control of all the vessels systems and equipment while the vessel is underway.


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